Sharing My Weekend Writing Retreat

I wish that Google+ photos actually allowed you to do a slideshow. For the life of me, the little create slideshow link just isn’t showing up! So, you can go to visit the album here, but in the meantime…

I headed out on Saturday with my friends Melinda Leigh and Rayna Vause for a writing retreat weekend! Our destination: The Inn at Boonesboro and the Turn the Page Bookstore where we got to meet Nora Roberts as well as a number of authors.

I got up at 5, was on the road by six and picked up my friends shortly after 7. We hit the road and got to Boonesboro just before 11. It was the open house day at the Inn so we got to visit all the rooms, but first we met my friend Lora and then headed to the book store to pick up our books and get ready for the signing. Here’s a picture of my buds in front of the Inn.

Rayna Vause and Melinda Leigh

At the bookstore, we got our purchases and since Vesta’s pizza was packed, headed to Crawford’s Guns, Ammo and Restaurant for a bite before the signing. Where else can you pick up ammo, check out the rifles and get some delicious sweet potato fries?

Crawford's Guns, Ammo & Restaurant

Then it was time for the signing!! I had my books for research (nothing better than Eve and Roarke to get me inspired!). I also had a J.D. Robb “book lamp” that I had made and Nora was so nice and signed it as well. Here’s me and Nora!

Nora Roberts & Caridad Pineiro

Then we were back to the Inn for the open house. Such gorgeous rooms and bathrooms. I loved the Galahad pillow on the chair in the Eve and Roarke room! The rooms were totally romantic and did any of you guess which room I would choose for Rey and Paola from AMAZON AWAKENING?

If you guess that it was the Westley and Buttercup room you were right. I could so imagine a big bed like this made of a sustainable rainforest wood like Ipe.

Westley & Buttercup Room

After that we headed for a walk through Boonesboro and then to dinner. We returned to the site of the Inn with all its lovely Christmas trimmings.

Inn at Boonesboro

Ducking inside the inn to take off the chill, we had some wine and cheese and also celebrated my friend Melinda’s debut book (more on that on Thursday!).

In the morning, we headed to the Antietam battlefield for a bit of history and research. Since Ryder from THE CALLING/REBORN Vampire Series was a physician during the Civil War, I’m toying with the idea of bringing back someone else from that era. You may remember that Samantha Turner from TEMPTATION CALLS knew Ryder back then (and was the one who turned him). Not sure whether this someone is a hero or villain, but walking/driving the fields of Antietam certainly gave some ideas for a new character.

I even managed to climb the Observation Tower! The trip up was quite a hike, but the trip down was interesting as my fear of heights kicked in. Luckily Rayna lent me her shoulder to hold so I could keep my face to the wall and not see the big open scary hole in the middle of the stairs!

Antietam Observation Tower

I hope you enjoyed this little travel journal!

Also, if you need some tips on writing short fiction, come and play with me today at my friend Catherine Bybee’s blog where I am talking about how to move from writing long fiction to short!

9 thoughts on “Sharing My Weekend Writing Retreat”

  1. It was a terrific weekend. It’s a beautiful inn. Melinda is right the bathrooms are great.

    Always great to hang with friends.

  2. It was a fantastic weekend. May I just say that the bathrooms are freaking awesome! I’d drive all the way down there, past a billion more cows, just to use the multi-jetted shower again.

    Time with my gal pals was awesome, too!

  3. You had a wonderful time, good for you!
    I love the pictures, so interesting to actually see the famous Inn.

  4. Ooh, loved the pictures and hearing about the trip! Also a lot jealous…one of these days I’d love to visit the Inn and meet Nora Roberts…love her JD Robb series 🙂

  5. That is a trip I would love to take. The rooms were all wonderful. I too loved the bathtubs. I can see me relaxing in one of those. That is my secret passion. Soaking in a big tub with a good book and a cup of hazelnut coffee ( I can’t have wine with some of my meds) I think bringing someone from that era is a fantastic idea. Hugs to all.

  6. It sure sounds like you had a good time. I love the decorations at the inn. I love the name Rayna. I have 2 boys & no girls so I named my cat Rayna. I wanted her to have a spanish name, because Rayna means queen, only spelled different. My kids & I liked this spelling better. I do like your choice for the bed & see it in my head pictured like that. —Rachel

  7. (I really dig the different bath tubs in the photos.)

    I vote you make the shade from Ryder’s past a hero…give you some room to expand that way. *hint hint*

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