Fun Friday #Giveaway #Santa #Monsters

Guest Blog and Giveaway

Visit with me at the Harlequin Paranormal Romance Blog later today as I talk about the inspiration behind AMAZON AWAKENING and share some of my “bucket list.” Leave a comment at the Harlequin blog for a chance to win.

Help a Deserving Family This Holiday Season

The DWW Authors want to play Secret Santa this year ~ we’d love to help out a family with children and make their Christmas as special as this year has been for us!

If you’d like to nominate a family, just send us an email at telling us why and how you think we can help this family out.

We’ll pick 5 families from the entries, and randomly draw our Secret Santa recipient from those!

Entries must be received by the 14th so our recipient can be chosen in time for the holiday.

Thank you!

Putting Some Scare Into the Monster

Yes, it’s an ad for, but I love Rudolf and this was kinda cute so I had to share! I’m hoping it’ll leave you with a smile to start this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Fun Friday #Giveaway #Santa #Monsters”

  1. my bucket list is a little unusual because most of the places i want to go aren’t big for tourists, i listed my top 5 below.
    1)Transylvania(now part of Romania)
    2)Machu Pichu Peru
    3)Take the train from Vladvostock to Moscow in Russia(that’s the entire length Siberia)
    5)Smaller islands of Fiji(i want to be able to enjoy my stay as a native).

    i do have a much longer list but it would take to much room to list it here. I hope you have a Happy Holiday and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂

  2. Hi Caridad,
    i tried to post a comment on Harlequin Paranormal Blog but it kept telling me the captcha code was wrong. the thing was it never displayed a code on my screen. i thought i would go ahead and post my response here and that way i can be part of the discussion even if i don’t qualify for the giveaway. 🙂
    so i posted in the post below this explination. have a nice night and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Congratulations to the winners!! Do we know who won the kindle from Thurs. blog? Have a great weekend. —Rachel

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