My Christmas Wish List

Visit with me today at the home of Anastasia Pollack, crafts editor and reluctant amateur sleuth (and my good friend Lois Winston!)

I’ll be talking about the one thing that’s on my Christmas wish list and would love to hear what’s on your wish list!

In the meantime, I so love NYC at this time of year. The City has on all its Christmas finest and I’m sharing some pictures that I took on our way to grab some lunch yesterday.

This is an amazing gingerbread house at the new Zabar area in Grand Central Terminal Market.

This is the tree in the lobby of the Chrysler Building. So lovely.

Hoping you all have a lovely weekend! See you all on Monday.

7 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List”

  1. Being from a very small town, we don’t see all that beauty. It is so nice of you to share those wonderous sights with us. I enjoy them very much. Hugs.

  2. I love the Gingerbread house!! It also looks like the store itself would be fun. I love all of the cooking, bakery, and food type shops (sigh). They always have such wonderful goodies in them!

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