For the love of Gingers!

I have to confess that lately I’ve had a fascination with reddish-haired men. Maybe because sidekick and possible future hero Ryan from THE CLAIMED stole my heart.

Ginger manThe hero in NOCTURNAL WHISPERS is strawberry-blonde as well. I kind of pictured him like this guy here. Sexy if you ask me.

Then of course there is probably the most well-known ginger: Prince Harry. My daughter absolutely loves him and I must say, he is growing up nicely!

What about you? Do you like reddish-haired men?

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One thought on “For the love of Gingers!”

  1. Love ginger-haired guys.

    Sadly, a young ginger neighbor died recently…he had hair the color of a brand new penny. Sweet guy. I think that’s the only way a ginger can be…nobody takes ’em too seriously.
    Go RED!

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