13 Things That I’ve Learned About Myself

Every now and then I take stock of myself in the hopes of improving who I am. I sat down last night and considered what things I had learned (or relearned) about myself so here goes:

1. I like helping people because I like people, not because I expect to get something in return.

2. I’m tired of visiting New York as a commuter instead of a visitor.

3. When I see someone who is more successful than I am, I ask myself what I can do to try and be as successful and fight back the green monster of envy. Envy and coveting what others have is never good.

4. I believe success is the reward of hard work.

5. I love writing novellas.

6. I am trying hard not to plan my spontaneity.

7. I am loyal and some people take advantage of that at times, especially at work.

8. I need to learn to be more assertive.

9. I let disappointment interfere with my creative process more than I should.

10. I still hope that one day I can be a full-time writer.

11. I understand that I still have a lot to learn about writing.

12. I wish I knew more about what kind of promotion and publicity works.

13. I’d like to try something radically different this year. Something I have never done before (besides writing erotica, which I’ve discovered is lots and lots of fun!)

What about you? Are there any things you’ve discovered about yourself lately that you’ve been surprised about, upset over or liked?

8 thoughts on “13 Things That I’ve Learned About Myself”

  1. I love this, Caridad! I can relate to almost every one. I knew I liked you. 😉

    One new thing that I’ve learned lately is to trust my instincts. Sometimes they might not be right, but most of the time they are.

  2. I like number 9 because I have the same problem. It’s great being a full time writer, as long as you write. Which goes back to number 9. 🙄

  3. I like all of these. You sound like a strong, well-rounded person. Knowing what you like to write is very important – it’s something I’m still trying to figure out.

  4. I’ve never written a short story before, and I just finished my FIRST! That was fun. So much different than a novel. That was a fun discovery. 🙂

    I appreciate all your willingness to help. You are such an inspiration. 🙂

  5. I like your #1. You should do things because it makes you feel good about making other people feel good.–Rachel

  6. I am very glad that you like to help people because you’ve helped a lot of them in the Liberty State Fiction Writers. Your cheerfulness and energy make meetings upbeat and positive.

    As for myself, I have discovered that there are always too many things to do–even though I am retired. But writing has always been fun and when I’m writing, it’s the best part of the day. : ^)

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