Can you eat this whole thing?

On Wednesday we did something fun and hit our local New York Deli – Harold’s – to share a dinner and I mean share. Harold’s is renowned for their oversized portions as you can see from this picture of the matzoh ball soup!

The three of us shared the soup plus a huge corned beef sandwich. Took half the sandwich home for the next day’s lunch!

Hope you’re doing something fun this weekend! Remember that today is the last day to get your entries in for the Shameless Blog Hop.

See you all on Monday with another piece of Man Candy!

6 thoughts on “Can you eat this whole thing?”

  1. Oh my, that is HUGE 😯 LOL Well, this weekend my daughter is going to a Junior Saints weekend at the college my oldest is attending. It’s a Catholic college so their teams are called The AQ Saints. She’s 11 and I think she’s a little nervous. Not about the brother who she loves, but about being around those other crazy college guys. I’m not worried because her brother will wack anyone that gets out of line. They have kids activities scheduled practically 24/7 so she won’t have time to get bored or restless. LOL

    Mom and Dad get a night alone on Saturday when my other teen is gone. 😎

  2. WOW!! That just about says it all. I think that I could eat off of that for a week. It looked like a fun time. Have an awesome weekend my friend!!

  3. That is a huge matzoh ball. We will have fun today. Today is family fun friday at our house. We make sandwiches & popcorn & watch movies and Grimm. Have a great weekend.–Rachel

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