Mark Harmon on #ManCandyMonday

It seems that no matter the age, a great many women still think Mark Harmon is a sexy beast. If you’re like me or a lot of other women (and men), you are definitely tuned into not only every Tuesday night episode of NCIS, but also the daily reruns on the USA Network.

So today’s Guilty Pleasure is the still gorgeous, totally wonderful Mark Harmon! Sigh.

Photo Credit: Jerry

11 thoughts on “Mark Harmon on #ManCandyMonday”

  1. Mark Harmon is very hot and love watching NCIS over here in the Uk. Looks fab for his age ….hope I look this good when I get to his age.

  2. I’m one of those viewers who simply
    must have a daily dose of Mark Harmon,
    it matters not how many times I see an
    episode! Just give me some Mark Harmon!

    Pat C.

  3. My uncle insisted that Mark’s mother was the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. That’s where he and his sisters got their great looks.
    Yes, some men do get better as they age, like fine wine.

  4. This man is at the top of my list for sure..ask me anything about csi and I can not tell you anything except how Mark looks. ha ha Well okay I watch the plot too MOST OF THE TIME. susan L

  5. OMG … Mark Harmon (sigh). Yes, I too think he has improved with age, but he wasn’t bad to start out with either!
    I too must have my fill of him on NCIS as often as possible, plus I enjoy seeing him on Entertainment Tonight – usually on the Tuesday night before his show airs, as they like to show that night’s clip (if it’s a new show) – and often with one or more stars of the show setting up the clips.

    And wasn’t that cool years ago when he saved those teenage boys out in front of his home? I just checked it on Wikipedia, where it said, “In 1996, Harmon saved two teenage boys who were involved in a car accident outside of his home. Harmon used a sledge hammer from his garage to break the window out of their burning car, then pulled them free from the flames.” Our hero….

  6. I have always loved Mark Harmon! One of my fav movies with him in it, is The Presidio! I love that movie. Thanks for today’s fab Hunk!

  7. There are some actors that I think look hotter as they get older and he’s one of them. I could only dream I’ll look half that good when I’m 60. Ahem…better get on the treadmill. LOL

  8. I loved Mark Harmon in ST Elsewhere quite a few years ago; then in the movie Wyatt Earp. He is gorgeous!

  9. Summer School. He was so awesome in that one. I remember him eating the peanut butter and jelly (with his fingers since he had no bread) scene. That just cracked me up. Yeah, Mark Harmon is a keeper!

  10. I remember him from the movie Summer School. At least I think that was him. I like him in that movie.—Rachel

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