How I met my Valentine!

With it being Valentine’s Day, it seems like a good time to share with you how I met my Valentine and I’d love to hear from you how you met yours!

Here goes…

It was Freshman orientation and I noticed a young man in the group of new students all hanging out during orientation. We exchanged some conversation and names but then got dragged away with friends. Like teenagers do, once I got back to my dorm room, I plopped down with my friends to look through what was known as the Freshman Record to try and find the cute guy I had just met.

The Freshman Record was a kind of like a yearbook which had pictures and basic information about the incoming students. Luckily for me, it wasn’t hard to find the young man who had caught my eye. Also lucky for me, it turned out we had the same major and he was in most of my classes.

A couple of days later, I went to my biology class where the professor had put up a seating chart for the class. I checked it and found out that my little crush was sitting right in front of me in class.

But before I go on, please understand that I had very little experience with guys. I had spent most of my high school days involved with classes, playing the bassoon, and sports, not men. So unlike my kick ass heroines, I was not the kind to take charge and win the heart of the hero. I was not suave and saucy and boy did it show on that fateful day.

I took my seat in bio class and as my cutie came down the aisle, he sat down in the wrong row and chair. He turned around to say “Hi” and I said “Hi” back and proceeded to tell him he was sitting in the wrong place.

DUH! He was a little shocked, but then he grinned and went back to check the seating chart. A few seconds later he returned and sat right in front of me, still smiling. He clearly realized that I had checked him out.

Well, what can I say? I guess it was meant to be from that moment. He was cute and funny and smart and here we are, a long time later.

How did you meet your Valentine? If you haven’t met him/her yet, what would your perfect Valentine be like?

Here’s a picture of me and my Valentine!

9 thoughts on “How I met my Valentine!”

  1. Such a sweet story and the picture is awesome!
    I met my Hubby at a country western dance; I never figured out how he got the courage to ask me to dance since I was with 2 uncles, my brother and then future sister-in-law. But he did and after 35 years we are still together.

  2. What a great love story, Caridad!

    Well, I met the love of my life backstage at a rock concert. We fell in love only after a lot of ups and downs! But in the end, love did prevailed.

  3. I met my husband through one of my best friends at that time. She was dating my husband’s roommate and we both ended up marrying them. We will have our 29th Anniversary this year. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

  4. Great Valentine story, Caridad.

    I met my guy on an airplane. He was with a gaggle of friends and I was alone with my ‘walkman’ (I’m old, what can I say?) – He took the seat next to the stranger (me) and we shot lines at each other. 😆

    Only when he was due to get off the plane (he stoped in Burbank, I went on to Ontario California) did he want to exchange phone numbers.

    That’s when I realized that we shared the same last name. Yep, my father and his father shared the same last name with one letter different. 😉

    We’ve been with each other for 24 years.

  5. LOVE THIS STORY. I, too, met my hubby at freshman orientation for undergrad. We didn’t start dating until our junior years, but the rest is history. Sixteen years ago TODAY he proposed to me. 🙂 Yay. Our sixteenth wedding anniversary is August 2012. 🙂 #loverocks

  6. We met at his cousins wedding. My sister who was 16 at the time was not allowed to go out alone with her boyfriend so being that I am 8 years older than she I was the designated chaparone. Her boyfriends cousin was getting married and we picked the Mr. up from the airport to ride down to wedding….he and I did not hit it off being from California the heat bothered him and he complained the whole ride then the wedding was outdoors and he complained..finally I yealled at him to stop complaining…he looked at me and said “Your cute”…Weeks later after he was back home in California he began to call me and 3 years later we married.

  7. A friend of mine was in college with a guy that was from puerto Rico & had an accent. I told her to give him my number. we were married 9-9-99 & have 2 kids now. I was shy so that was out of character for me, but luckily it worked out and now I have the best valentine ever. By the way, I made the cupcakes put them in a clear bag & had a tag that says happy valentines day. I put a wax seal on each tag with a heart. They were really cute. I hope the school kids like them. HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY!!!!!!—Rachel

  8. I met my true love at a party, but I wasn’t interested–at first. I had been in a singles’ group for years–true love was in a different singles’ group but in February there was a joint wine and cheese party for both groups. I attended the party with an army captain. However, my best friend noticed my future true love and got his phone number. She then invited him to her apartment for a small dinner party. I was also invited to the dinner party because by that time the army captain was history. My true love escorted me out to the parking lot after the party, got my phone number and by May we were dating all the time. :^)

  9. I too met my sweetie in school. I was starting over again and was taking a night course in electronic math (not my favorite subject). They paired me with my future hubby as we were of an age. We didn’t hit it off right away as we work very differently but eventually we found we had more in common than not and started dating. We will be married 19 years this August.

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