13 Things I Love in Spring

Even though we have had a mild winder so far in NY/NJ, I am counting the minutes until spring. So I thought I would share with you 13 things I love about that season!

    1. Cherry blossoms. I have a tree I planted a long time ago and I love the soft pink blooms.
    2. The bright green of spring grass.
    3. The smell of fresh earth as I turn it to plant.
    4. Putting in vegetable and flower plants.
    5. The slight bite in the air at night.
    6. Warm sun, rich and golden.
    7. Emerging from hibernation to take long strolls.
    8. Longer days.
    9. Clear skies.
    10. The colorful peek of snowdrops and crocuses in rich, dark soil.
    11. Checking out how many goldfish have been born in the little pond I built.
    12. The bunnies running all over the yard.
    13. Easter Egg hunts.

Hope you enjoyed my list! How about sharing some of your favorite spring things.

7 thoughts on “13 Things I Love in Spring”

  1. Hi Caridad,
    I love the cherry blossoms too. Each year I snap a picture as the tree in our front yard has grown. They seem to come and go so quickly though. Wish they stayed throughout the summer. Spring? Bring it!

  2. Great list .. except for the bunnies. They have been destroying my garden for years and they drive the dogs crazy .. so I pass on that one!

  3. I like your list. i also love the smell of spring. I can feel it in the air now & I love it. I have been redecorating and getting ready to paint & clean the house. I love the fresh start of spring.—Rachel

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