What are your favorite romance hooks?

There are some tried and true romance hooks from which we can create fun stories. Today I’m sharing some of my favorites (and not so favorites) and I hope you’ll chime in and offer your two cents.

As you may guess from my books, Opposites Attract kind of thing, or in my case, the kick-ass heroine out to tame the alpha hero, is one of my all-time favorites.

    Marriage of convenience
    A slight twist on a classic – the geeky guy blossoms into the hottie everyone wants
    The arranged marriage (look for that in the follow-up book to THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE – July 2012)
    Millionaire playboy (and toss in some royalty to that in THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE)
    The love triangle (got a bit of this going on with a little menage in THE VAMPIRE’S CONSORT)
    Reunited lovers
    Military themes

One of the ones I find hardest to like is the secret baby story. Yes, yes, I did write one of those (SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD) and I have to confess that it took me nearly a month just to figure out how to justify not telling someone about the baby and how to craft a believable and yet emotional response from the hero to the revelation that he had a teenage son!


So what are your favorite and not so favorite romance hooks?

4 thoughts on “What are your favorite romance hooks?”

  1. I am not fond of secret babies…they upset me, thinking about how the poor mother has had to struggle alone to raise a child. I do like opposites attracting one another as that is true to life. The idea of landing one of your older brother’s friends is also nifty. Mine had some really hunky friends who were “off limits” to me.

  2. I love pretty well all romance except those who have death with kids involved; they upset me even if at the end there’s still a HEA.

  3. Count me in as a fan of opposites attracting. My other favorites are reunited couples, friends to lovers, and off limit lovers (i.e, best friend of older brother). I struggle with the dead spouse’s best friend romance…ugh!

  4. I rather like the opposites attracting situation, too. The marriage of convenience is a favorite of mine, which I’ve used twice. I have an idea for a secret baby story, which I have not written yet but it keeps bothering me so I should do it one of these days.

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