9 thoughts on “#Man Candy Monday Tim McGraw”

  1. He was featured on a television program where they traced his family tree. I did not now he was Tug McGraw’s son…very interesting show. He came off as being open and interested and non-judgmental. That made me like him.

  2. Nice choice! Tim McGraw is so sweet to look at, and I love how he looks at his wife. Give the man a baby to hold and that would be the ultimate hot guy.


  3. Hi Cardidad! Well, I have to agree with Colleen on this. He’s good looking, but I’m not really into country music (give me that old time rock N roll). Hope you have a good day today!

  4. LOVE TIM McGRAW!! We see him whenever he visits our town if tickets are available. Not that easy finding tickets for this HOTTIE when he’s in Boston. Has anybody seen him in the movies, Friday Night Lights, BLINDSIDE, Country strong?
    He is pretty good at acting too. Tim is smooth, good lookin’, and classy.

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