Advice needed – Conference Goodies!

Not only am I in the throes if RITA-inspired giddiness, working on a deadline for one book (THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE) and soon to be due novella (FEAST WITH A VAMPIRE), but the RT Book Reviews Convention is almost here and I need to round up/prepare some conference goodies!

Ack! I do have a fun giveaway on its way (hopefully), as well as bookmarks, some posters and postcards, but I am now considering what else to do and need your advice.

I was toying between a booklet with a short excerpt or a collectible recipe card featuring my covers and a Jersey Shore inspired recipe since so many of my latest books are set there. The recipe card would be autographed as well.

What do you think about that idea? Recipe card or booklet or something else? This really tired and overworked mind would love to know which you would prefer.

6 thoughts on “Advice needed – Conference Goodies!”

  1. I also like the idea of the recipe card. It would be used more and keep your name out there longer. Chances are that once the booklet is read, it will be put on the shelf and not read again for quite a while. I love trying new recipes and have tried several of yours that are now standards in my family. Any time there is a potluck someone always asks for your sisters Corn Casserole. Hugs.

  2. I like the recipe card idea. Another idea, you could get hershey candy bars & make a wrapper with your name & info & even a picture of a book cover. You can print them up on your computer. You can have a keepsake label for the fans & chocolate, now who would’nt love that. If you did happen to like that idea you can get alot of candy bars at a sams club bj’s whole sale or costco type place. We did that for our wedding for a favor & everone liked it. Your name is on the home page of writerspace for being a finalist. Congratulations again.—Rachel

  3. Recipe cards are cool. Also something to do with the sun…little tubes of Coppertone???

    Lots of color, good photos on the card, perhaps a picture of a nicely boiled lobster surrounded by clams and corn on the cob. Gift card to Red Lobster?

    Ah, hell, now I’m hungry.

  4. I think the bottom line is to find something enjoyable for the reader but also something to “keep the author’s name out there”.
    I like the recipe cards, as I can try out the recipe and then pass on the card to others – who would be more likely to not recycle it, but to try the recipe instead – and then pass it on to someone else!

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