Share your wardrobe malfunction & a chat today!

We’ve all had it happen. We’re walking along and POP goes the bra strap. Or at the worst possible moment, that easy-to-undo clasp or hook just doesn’t want to give.

My most embarrassing moment happened one day while I was walking through Grand Central Terminal and my slip fell right off and puddled around my ankles. I had lost weight and clearly the elastic was no longer in any condition to keep that slip up around my waist. So there I am, beige lace and nylon wrapped around my ankles! Worse yet, one of the secretaries from the office was walking right toward me! I don’t even remember how I did it and suspect Houdini would have been proud, but I managed to whip the slip right off and into my briefcase. Whew! If the secretary saw, she didn’t say thankfully.

How about you? On this Fun Friday, share one of your more humorous, embarrassing or even sexy wardrobe malfunctions! Remember, every comment you leave all this month counts as an entry in the May SIN HUNTER HUNTER SHORE SPECIAL CONTEST.

Also, I’m calling All Paranormal Romance Lovers to come visit with the wonderful and amazing Angela Knight and me today at 2 pm EST. You can click here to listen to a Blog Talk Radio interview as Angela and I talk about our series, what’s up in the world of paranormals and all other kinds of fun things!

10 thoughts on “Share your wardrobe malfunction & a chat today!”

  1. I was standing in a bank lineup with a huge blood stain on the back of my blue/grey skirt. Walked through the downtown to get there and back to my office, and was told by a coworker a little while later. Had nothing to change into either and had to just “leave it” (now dried on) until closing hours two hours later – sitting in my chair or keeping my back to others as much as possible – after going to the bathroom, of course.

    Last week I bought something called “self-adhesive bra cups”. They stuck so well that I tried wearing them when playing badminton. Everything went well until 2.5 hours later, when one fell off under my T-shirt and was dangling from the other. OMG. I put my wrist in front of my belly and said I had a wardrobe malfunction, running off to the washroom to put on a “proper bra” instead. Nobody said a word. They probably thought my strap had blown. Live and learn … or is that live by the sword, die by the sword? Both seem appropriate.

  2. Mine happened when I worked at Harrah’s Casino. I was on my feet all day so comfortable shoes were a must. I had a pair of older shoes that were so comfortable. I wore them to work and as I was walking across the casino, I noticed I was getting strange looks. I finally figured out that my shoes were literally disintergrating. I was leaving little pieces of shoe leather when I walked. I had to clock out, drive 10 miles, change shoes and them drive back to work. That was so embarassing as a lot of people saw it. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day everyone.

  3. You do not know how much I need a good laugh. Thank you. no horror stories like that for me. –Rachel

  4. Oh my… for me it was a bathing suit… It was a one piece… I was jumping up and down in the pool and at one point the top part slipped down enough to have the girls out… luckily I was facing away from everyone and was able to fix it quick… 😳 I stopped jumping around after that.

  5. Mine was more of a takini incident. Fortunate for me that it was storming and for once no cars were going up and down the road (it’s always busy). Well I was trying on the new takini I bought because I’m top heavy so Bikini was out. When from the corner of my eye I see my rear neighbor’s lawn chairs go flying. Being a good neighbor I run out in takini and shorts trying to catch them. One stops near the road however I felt a draft. I look down and see my one breast plopped out in clear view. I was SO thankful there was no one around to see it.

    Had the same malfunction (even though I sewed the sides to keep my girls from escaping) at Folly Beach when there was a lot of people around. Fortunately I dropped back into the water to fix myself.

  6. This happened when I was younger I was wearing a tube top one day walking around the mall and I was getting some weird looks and I did not think about it for a bit then I happen to look down and my tube top was around my waist 😳 I did not put another one on again LOL

  7. Okay, still makes me shudder–third grade, back when girls had to wear skirts–the piece of material that goes between the legs on underwear rips away and dangles, thankfully the skirt was long enough so it didn’t show (I hope)but I was fresh out of catechism and knew for sure I was going to hell. Rode my bike home from school standing up all the way.
    Never had a bra strap snap…I learned my lesson well. <>

  8. I was at the local YMCA with my kids where they have a water slide. My kids wanted me race down with them. Of course the water slide was manned by a bunch of young men that night. One of the lifeguards stands at the bottom of the slide. Down I go and of course when I come up my swim suit top had exposed my left breast. The worst part is I didn’t notice right away because the Y keeps the pool area so warm. I am sure I gave some nice college kid a story to tell at a party. LOL!

  9. The bra strap breaking on me in the middle of the day was pretty much it for me; I used to work in a bank and nothing more embarrassing than a line up of people and you feel it go….Break time come fast please!!!
    I’ll be at work so will miss the interview with Angela Knight.

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