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  1. Hi, I love your blog…:)

    I am so loving the Night of The Cougar book. I bought it on amazon, and so far it’s hot! Also I love the fact that its written by a Latina/o.

    I know that you post other authors, and do interviews, but I wanted to know if you do fan based recommendation stuff too lol?

    I’m loving the book by Caridad Pineiro, but I just wanted to let you know too about this author I’ve been reading as well, Alexandria Infante, author of Teaching between Midnight and dawn.

    I think she is a talented author (her book came out last year, but I just found it), and the fact that she is Latina too in this genre is awesome. In the paranormal field, you don’t see many Latinas, and the ones that you do see, don’t seem to get the reconiztion that they should.

    Her book is somewhere between Twilight, Underworld and Interview with the vampire; all based off of Egyptian myths.

    I love the fresh new characters, and the fact that her main female character is Latina. I would say to everyone out there, check out her books and her site too. Don’t be put off by the fact that she’s a minority, her work is amazing!

    leelia Mendoza

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