The Not-So-Magic Mayor Mike & His Soda Ban

A quick rant today and then I’m off to a mountain of work.

First they came for the salt. Then they came for the sodas. Now they’re coming for your tub of popcorn and milkshakes. What’s next? Bacon cheeseburgers. Chocolate croissants.

Mayor Mike and the New York City Board of Health are discussing various bans in an effort to curb obesity.

Now, I’m a fattie. I’ll admit it. I need to lose weight. But here’s the deal. I’ll do it my way because in my mind, I have the Liberty to do that.

To me the role of the Board of Health is to make sure there wasn’t a rat tap dancing on your bagel before you bought it. Not to tell me what I can and can’t eat. If I wanted someone else to tell me what to do and how to do it, my family would have never left Cuba.

How do you feel about these bans? Do they make sense to you or do you think the government is going just too far in thinking they know better than you do about what’s good for you?

Plus, did it ever occur to Mayor Mike that an extra-large soda with two straws is one way to save some dough in today’s economically challenged times?

6 thoughts on “The Not-So-Magic Mayor Mike & His Soda Ban”

  1. I’m w/ you there, Mana. That’s MY right to choose what to eat/drink. Don’t need “Nanny Laws” to nose around my life. If I want to “supersize” it, that’s my problem to put junk/fat in my body. What’s next then? Ban 2 liters soda size? Like banning ‘large’ size drink going to do anything, people will just get 203 small ones if they want, nothing will stop them, how about ‘free refill’? I’d rather govt makes sure I don’t get food poisoning like I just had at Starbucks, or won’t find some kind of ‘bone’ that looks like a small animal’s femur in a raisin can from Safeway brand. Are they going to inspect, come pack my lunch box next?? They should go make sure there won’t be ecoli, salmonella, Giardia, Listeria or some body part or something in the food that make pp sick, that’s what I want them to do. Not nosy and wasting time/money (MY money – btw) in nonsense.

  2. I need to lose weight also and since January I have lost 25 pounds and another 10 to go; but my way, not by being forced to give up what I can have in moderation!!!

  3. Hey Girl! I’m with ya! Although, I will have to say that if people really want more soda, they will figure out a way to get it. Maybe the restaurants will offer buy one get one free etc. It is my belief that if there is a will, there is a way. I do agree, that they are taking it too far.

  4. The government needs to mind it’s own business and not worry about what I’m eating. How about they take care of what they were elected to take care of…I’m sure that would be a nice change of pace!

  5. I also need to lose more weight. I have lost over 40 lbs. but still have more to go. I certainly don’t want someone telling me what to eat. I eat what feels good at the time. I try to eat healthy but sometimes you just have to have that chocolate shake (yesterday was that day). Politicians need to listen to what their people want. Just my opinion of course.

  6. Amen Sister 🙂 I agree. They should worry about making more jobs. Maybe then people could afford healthy food. It is alot cheaper to get a dollar burger or drink than to make a healthy chicken & veggie meal for a family.—Rachel

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