Free Vampire Read DESIRE CALLS from THE CALLING/REBORN Vampire Novels

DESIRE CALLSIt’s so happy dance time to know that THE CALLING aka THE REBORN Vampire Novels will be starting up again in October 2012 with KISSED BY A VAMPIRE!

I hope you will love this book as much as I did when I revisited Stacia, the daring and deliciously dark vampiress you first met in DEATH CALLS. In her two thousand years of existence, Stacia has known betrayal from the men in her life, but never true love. Her one flirtation with Blake in DESIRE CALLS only goes to show her just how much she is missing in a life without love, especially when Blake finds true love in FURY CALLS.

KISSED BY A VAMPIRE also has a major shake-up from earlier books in THE CALLING/REBORN series. What is that shake-up? Well, unlike all the earlier novels which are set in Manhattan, KISSED BY A VAMPIRE is set in sexy, sizzling South Beach for a change of pace.

I hope you’ll like this little excerpt from DESIRE CALLS and that it’ll leave you hungry for another bite of Stacia in KISSED BY A VAMPIRE.

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DESIRE CALLS Vampire Romance Novella Free Read

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  1. I love vampire books. I will be getting this one. I wish I was a vampire right now. My mom is in the hospital again & I would love to bite her & turn her. But that isn’t going to help so I hope the Dr’s do a great job with her—Rachel

  2. Is this the same “Blake” with Meghan in “Temptation Calls”? If so, I might get the timeline mixed up, sounds like since then 2,000 yrs has gone by, Wow!?!?

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