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It’s a busy year for me and my vampires. THE CALLING/REBORN returns on October 15 with KISSED BY A VAMPIRE! I’m so excited, especially after seeing the sexy cover and how they’ve worked in the South Beach setting for this book!

Be ready to BE REBORN because after this THE CALLING returns with a vengeance with books in February, May and July 2013.

But first, I’ve got a little free read for you from HER VAMPIRE LOVER, my October Nocturne Cravings erotic paranormal romance novella. I just loved this story because it was more about the seduction than the sex. I also fell in love with Gregori, a true hero in every sense even though he was a vampire. Something about him just called to me to give him a really happily-ever-after ending and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here.

Her Vampire Lover Erotic Paranormal Romance Excerpt

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  1. K think we all dream of that once and a life time meeting. The tall dark stranger or the white night love at first site(bite) what ever you want to call. But this story is beautifully written. Hats off to you. Great job. As you read you wish you were her that just once in this lifetime you could feel that way and someone could truly return that favor. Beautiful story I have to have it

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