#ManCandyMonday Denver Bronco Eric Decker

While I’m not a Denver Bronco fan on account of how they treated Tim Tebow, I still watched the game last night for a bit and my eye was caught by this delicious Man Candy: Wide Receiver Eric Decker.

This 6’3″ Minnesota native and former Golden Gopher (Go Gophers!) was also drafted by the Minnesota Twins to play the outfield, but opted to play football instead.

In either sport, Decker was a standout in his early career and I wish him all the best this season! If he ever went into acting, I could so see him playing Ryder from THE CALLING/REBORN novels. How about you? Can you picture him as Ryder?

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall@en.wikipedia.com

5 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday Denver Bronco Eric Decker”

  1. Being from Kansas City definitely not a Broncos fan, but yes, he most certainly is a cutie! Thanks for the awesome Man Candy today!

  2. I can see him as a character in any of your books. Totally hot. I am not a sports fan so I am not familiar with players except Tebow. He is also a hottie.

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