Romancing the Book Guest Blog & #Giveaway and a #1 Woo Hoo

I want to apologize if I’ve been late responding to some of you, but I’ve been mad busy at work and putting in some extra hours at night. Thank you for understanding and I hope you all know how much I love spending time with you here and via the e-mails that you send.

I’m off on another blog tour today at the wonderful Romancing the Book blog. I’m sharing a little bit more about Stacia, the very compelling heroine of KISSED BY A VAMPIRE and we’ve got a little giveaway going as well.

On another note – WOO HOO and thank you all for making KISSED BY A VAMPIRE the #1 rated Nocturne Kindle last night. It’s much appreciated and I guess that calls for a big . . .

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  1. I’m a little late my friend, but major congrats on the new release!! I hope to be able to pick it up soon.

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