Fun Friday

I again want to thank all of you for your understanding, thoughts and well-wishes during the storm and its aftermath. I’ve shared some pictures of the damage in our towns and you can click here to see them.

Just to see the difference, check out the photo below of the Bradley Beach Centennial Fountain and then click here to see it now.

But for all the damage the ocean can do, it can also provide so much joy. I had some of that joy while I was down in South Carolina for the amazing Low Country Masterclass Retreat. It was wonderful to meet with so many interesting men and women and share what we all know about the craft and business of writing. I’ve posted some photos on Facebook for you and you can click here to see them!

Those little blobs you see in the ocean are dolphins. At one point we were only a few feet away from them. Amazing.

Here is some video of the dolphins!

3 thoughts on “Fun Friday”

  1. You were so lucky all in alll… it could have been so much worse but that devastation is heartbreaking; and then snow later on. What is it with this weather???

  2. My heart goes out to anyone affected by the storm. It makes me sad to see all of the damage. On another note, I love the dolphins!! Very Cool!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I can’t believe the pictures of the fountain. I also watched the video. If I am seeing it right the dolphins are close. Are they OK being that close or are they in any danger? Have a nice weekend Caridad!!!—Rachel

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