THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE #Sandy Campaign for the #Jersey #Shore

My friends know better than to double dog dare me! Nearly three years ago I took a trip to Las Vegas to do a writing weekend with friends. I was in between projects and wanting to work on a new romantic suspense, I just needed an idea for it.

The time with my friends was wonderful. We talked books, ate books, lived and breathed and dreamed books. Always a great time, but especially with these dear friends. Of course, we did squeeze in time to take in the sights of Las Vegas, have a nice dinner, see a show and spend a relaxing day at the spa.

As we went from place to place, ideas started taking hold in my brain, but they didn’t gel until my friends double-dog dared me when I said that I could take all our experiences and work them into a book.

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE was the result of that dare, but being a Jersey girl, I knew I had to set the prince’s casino in Atlantic City. Of course, then Hurricane Sandy came along, causing so much damage to not only Atlantic City, but my beloved Jersey Shore.

I’ve shared some images of that damage on my Facebook fan page.

I’ve always been a person who believed that if you weren’t part of the solution, you were part of the problem. Because I don’t want to be part of the problem, I decided that I was going to be part of the solution by helping out to restore the shore that I love so much.

In order to do that, I’m going to be donating my share of the proceeds from sales of THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE from now until March 1, 2013 to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE is now available for sale at Amazon and should be available for sale shortly at B&N.

Please help spread the word by posting this on your websites and web pages:

Best-selling author Caridad Pineiro is helping to rebuild the shore by donating proceeds of her latest romantic suspense release, THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, from now until March 1, 2013. My proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief fund. THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE is available for download at Amazon via this link: THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE will be available shortly at

Please help spread the word by tweeting this to your friends:

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ Relief PLZ RT

Thank you so much for your support!

2 thoughts on “THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE #Sandy Campaign for the #Jersey #Shore”

  1. Great idea!
    No, wait, I mean two great ideas, a book from a weekend in Vegas and contributing the proceeds to help with disaster relief.
    The Jersey shore is a gift to the whole country, not just those of us who live in the state. Let’s bring it back better than ever!

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