The Holiday Season is here!

So much going on today that we’re going to have to skip Man Candy Monday and get started with the holiday season!

What, you say, NO NO NO! You want your Man Candy? LOL! How about we timeshift Man Candy to Tuesday for this week since there is so much happening today?

In the spirit of giving, visit with me at Fresh Fiction as I blog about the inspiration for THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE.

In the spirit of hope, drop by the Harlequin Paranormal Romance blog as I chat about KISSED BY A VAMPIRE and why it’s never too late to find true love!

In the sharing and fun, look for our upcoming Holiday Blog Tour where you can find stories, art work and other interesting pieces of art! Here is the schedule for the tour!

Holiday Blog Tour Stops

Dec. 7 Jasmine Clemente, Jasmine Clemente
Dec. 8 Gwendolyn Jerris, Silence & Honeysuckle
Dec. 9 Natasha Oliver, 2 cents
Dec. 10 Regina Tingle, Unsolicited Certainties 
Dec. 11 Caridad Pineiro, Paranormal Romance Author Caridad Pineiro
Dec. 12 Teresa Carbajal Ravet, Sententia Vera
Dec. 13 Nathasha Alvarez, AudaciousLady
Dec. 14 Stephanie Dorman, How Many Frogs
Dec. 15 Karen La Beau, My Life on Canvas
Dec. 16 Annette Santos, The Monga Confesses
Dec. 17 Zoraida Cordova, Zoraida Writes
Dec. 18 Kristy Harding, Kristy Harding
Dec. 19 Nikki Kallio, Purple Houses
Dec. 20 Sujeiry Gonzalez, Love Sujeiry
Dec. 21 Samantha Kolber, Sam Poet
Dec. 22 Thelma T. Reyna, The Literary Self
Dec. 23 Julia Amante, Julia Amante
Dec. 24 Icess Fernandez Rojas

2 thoughts on “The Holiday Season is here!”

  1. I am ready for the holidays!! I have been looking for some new cookie recipes inbetween reading all the good books I have. I guess we can wait for the man candy LOL. Have a Happy Holiday season!!!—Rachel

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