On the first day of Christmas. . .#Giveaway and a Partridge

I’m sure you know the old folk song about the Twelve Days of Christmas and we’re going to be celebrating those twelve days here on the blog with a combination of giveaways, guest blogs and some fun!

First up, visit with me at The Qwillery. Leave a comment at the Qwillery or here on this blog for a chance to win a $10 gift card to your choice of either Amazon or B&N.

So, on the first day of Christmas, I’m giving you a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Well, David Cassiday aka Keith Partridge for those who remember the days of The Partridge Family show. My sis and I would always argue about who was cuter, David Cassiday or Bobby Sherman. I favored Bobby and she liked David.

What do you think? Who’s cuter?

David Cassidy

Bobby Sherman

David Cassidy Photo Credit: Allan Warren@en.wikipedia.com
Bobby Sherman Photo Credit: Public Domain

20 thoughts on “On the first day of Christmas. . .#Giveaway and a Partridge”

  1. I’ve never actually heard of Bobby Sherman until now but I do remember watching re-runs of The Partridge Family. I going to have to say David is cuter, but I’m sure the B&W picture of Bobby doesn’t do him justice.

    BTW I love the theme for your giveaway.

    jordan_lisa at hotmail dot com

  2. David Cassidy rules forever. I’m an original fan, and even saw him in concert! Bobby Sherman – neh. Voice too high and he couldn’t growl like David/Keith. Even wrote my first romance story about David -a knock off of Inside Daisy Clover starring David and me. Naturally!

  3. Do you remember Bobby Sherman in the tv series Here Come the Brides??? We could barely see the channel but if I snuck in my brother’s bedroom we could get the channel there!!! Loved that show.
    Bobby, my choice.
    diane dot sadler at gmail dot com

  4. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did. I have to say Bobby. He had those beautiful bedroom eyes. Just melted me every time. Thanks for the contest. You are the best.

  5. Bobby was smart and didn’t do Celebrity apprentice LOL…

    I think Here comes the Brides is on DVD…trying to get my hubby to buy it for me….unfortunately he is younger than I am…and hasn’t got a clue what I am talking bout LOL..

  6. Oh my! I had a crush on them both, although David came a long a little later than after Bobby. I simply can’t choose! Heck, I had a crush on Davy Jones too! Thanks for the fun giveaway and hope you had a great Christmas!! bpatrick64113@sbcglobal.net

  7. I am so excited…someone who also remembers my darling Bobby!!

    Here Comes the Brides was a favorite show of mine!!!!! I gotta say Bobby Sherman!!!

    (although I admit David did age pretty good and has a handsome son who is acting)

  8. Hi Caridad! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Did you get any snow on Christmas eve?
    beckerjo at verizon dot net

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