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Love and Merry ChristmasOn the Eighth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, eight maids a milkin’…

You know, this true love must be loaded! Did you know that today these 12 days would cost your true love about $107,000, especially these 8 maids a milkin’ between the maids and the cows and all their upkeep. LOL!

Since I’m a little lacking in funds, I’ve only got six maids to share with you today and they’re here to tell us about an anthology they put together to help raise money for a local literacy organization!

So without further ado, here is a little bit about the LOVE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS anthology! You can also click here for more information.

Leave a comment on this blog for a chance to win a copy of THE CLAIMED, the second book in the SIN HUNTERS series!

Love and Merry Christmas Story Blurbs

Jingle Bell Bodyguard
by Christine Wingate
Harper Palmquist has been quietly drooling over gym hottie Rick Avery every Saturday. Can a series of mishaps over a Christmas season create the perfect setting for romance?

Home for Christmas
by Susan Craig
Max Moretti has long treasured memories of a beautiful red-haired woman from his past. When fate brings her into his life together again, can he convince April they can create a new home…together?

Christmas a La Carte
by Jeanne Kern
Stressed-out Susan Albright is overwhelmed about hosting her family for Christmas. Hiring fortune teller Zelda seems like the perfect way to get everyone the right gift. But the mysterious lady just might have enough magic left over to arrange a surprise for her.

The Christmas Gift
by BJ Akin
Young Sandhills teacher Miss Rebecca faces the raging storm on an untamed Nebraska prairie with courage. She’s concerned for the welfare of two particular students, and ends up with more than she bargained for when their widowed father comes to her aid.

by LK Lien
When a bright new star appears in the sky, it is only the beginning of the miracle season. But closed hearts resist miracles. It takes a lot of love wrapped with a blast of fun to break through the barricades.

Blame it on the Christmas Lights
by Karyn Cole
Lucy Potter isn’t very thrilled with the start of her holiday season. She’s convinced her only long-term relationship will be with her favorite sweatpants. But Christmas gets unexpectedly merry when she runs into an old crush. Will she be able to enjoy the gifts of the season? Or will thoughts of what might not be, ruin it all?

About the Authors

Christine Wingate is the author of various e-books, including His Escape Artist. With a love for 70’s culture – she owns both a gold and white disco boots. While several of her book heroes are bodyguards, at the time of this writing Christine does not yet have one in her employ. But if and when she does hire one, odds are good applicants will be asked to demonstrate their ability to tolerate disco and 70’s soft rock tunes.

Susan Craig lives with her husband — in a house they gutted and remodeled together. It comes as no surprise, then, that her life as an author grew out of a desire to do something completely new. With a doctorate in neuroscience, her “day job” is complex, busy and interesting, but “mostly factual.” So she enjoys opportunities to create fictitious stories of love and romance purely from her imagination.

Jeanne Kern’s life became a romance novel when she met husband Rich on line and moved to Nebraska with scaredy cat Boo Radley. Happily retired from teaching high school in Texas, she serves on too many committees and boards and is trying to learn to say no so she can devote more time to writing. See her website www.jeannekern.com for news about her travels, acting career, and e-book Destination: Love and Whales.

LK Lien has worked as a waitress, in a bank, as a photojournalist, a writer and an editor.

Karyn Cole has been a fan of romance since a charming Prince’s kiss woke Sleeping Beauty. (As a grownup she decided to see what science could teach her and discovered that chemistry didn’t just happen in a laboratory. A good romance story lets a reader experience the chemistry between characters.) Now, Karyn writes romance where the Princess doesn’t always need a princely rescue, but isn’t opposed to the kissing part. Drop her a note at karyncoleromance@gmail.com.

BJ Akin has found that writing stories is almost as much fun as telling them. During her life of living in the Nebraska Sandhills, she experienced things that anyone in their right mind would never attempt or be dared into doing! But that never seemed to stop her. Drawing on her love of this region — and the people who live there — she shows that life even in the “olden days” still had its excitement…and romance.

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  1. The stories in Love And Merry Christmas sound wonderful. I think it’s great when authors and/or publishers donate part of the proceeds to worthy causes.

    jordan_lisa at hotmail dot com

  2. I got lots of cow around my home you could borrow only problem their stuff and my daughters cow collection. She might get a little upset.

  3. Back to work today after two holiday weekends. Ugh! I hate being back to the real world. I hate my new office location so its even worse now. 🙁 I need to read a good book to cheer me up.

  4. Thanks for sharing information about LOVE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope any readers who want the holiday to linger a bit longer check the book out and consider reading it with a toasty warm beverage of choice…and I’m excited for a chance to win a copy of THE CLAIMED, too. Thanks again…and I am wishing everyone a lovely 2013!

  5. I’m one of the six maids mentioned, and I want to remind everyone that your THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE is helping hurricane victims in Sandy Hook. Part of our book’s profits go to help a literacy charity in Nebraska. We think it’s a bonus when a love of reading can also help people in need. Good for you!

  6. Today is Boxing Day for me. I’m not working, yay, no one is home , so I’m going shopping. o maid here either to help with the clean up and no $107,000 but shopping will clear my head!

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