Thank you, Laurie London!

Things have been a little crazy the past few days. I tweaked my knee and despite babying, I’m going to have to have surgery. Because of that, this Thank You Thursday is a little late, but I’d like to thank Laurie London for having me as a guest at her blog!

I met Laurie at the RT Convention, although we had worked on an anthology together. Laurie was such a delightful and gracious lady. I was honored to get to spend some time with her.

At Laurie’s blog, I’m sharing some secrets about the dedication for THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE as well as the inspiration behind it. Also sharing my impressions of my brand new publisher, Entangled Publishing, who is making quite a splash in the publishing industry and rightly so.

5 thoughts on “Thank you, Laurie London!”

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the knee my friend!! I feel your pain because my knees have sucked for years!! ** SIGH ** I have been able to stay away from the surgery so far though. Hang in there!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Sorry to hear about having to need surgery… wishing you the best… get well soon Caridad!

  3. Oh no, Caridad! Surgery? Ugh. I hope your knee is feeling better soon. Thanks for coming to Thank You Thursday!!!

  4. Caridad, I hope you are feeling better soon. when they have you on pain meds you should keep a notebook handy for book ideas LOL. Could you imagine the things your mind could come up with. Feel Better.—Rachel

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