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So here goes for my happy ending story!

After Castro came to power in Cuba, my family had to leave in a hurry. My mom and dad were forced to leave first to avoid imprisonment, leaving my sister and me behind with my maternal grandparents.

It took my parents over a year to get us out and when the word came to be ready, the house was in quite an uproar. My grandparents were not only getting us ready to leave, but giving away everything we had so that Castro and his people would not get it.

One of the things my grandma gave away was a bath robe to a friend and neighbor since she thought her friend would like it.

When the day came for us to leave, my grandmother could not find her engagement ring anywhere. She left Cuba without it and my grandfather knew just how much she missed the ring.

Times were tough here at first, but my family worked hard to achieve the American Dream. My grandfather also worked hard and set aside a little bit from each paycheck. He located the jeweler who had originally made my grandmother’s engagement ring and in time, he had another one made.

A ring of love for his wife of so long.

Fast forward a dozen years from when we left Cuba. We were living on Long Island and one day there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find someone who said he had been an old neighbor and friend in Cuba. He had been visiting Cuban friends nearby who happened to mention where we were living. He said that when he heard where we were, he had to come and return something: My grandmother’s engagement ring.

The ring had been in the bath robe that my grandmother gave to his wife.

It brought tears to my eyes to know that he had held onto the ring all those years, knowing the suffering he must have had in Cuba and how selling the ring would have helped. He was a man of great honor to keep it and return it.

A ring of honor and of love.

I hope you enjoyed this Happy Endings story!

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