#ManCandyMonday Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I’ve thought he was a cutie since 3rd Rock from the Son and Ten Things I Hate About You. His role in Inception just cemented the hotness factor for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Joseph has been an actor since an early age. At six he performed in a local theater group and then went on to a number of roles as a child star and then teenager. You might also recognize him from a stint in the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

I hope you enjoy today’s Man Candy! I’ll also have some pictures for you shortly from my trip to the awesome Olde City, New Blood conference in St. Augustine.

Photo Credit: gdcgraphics@en.wikipedia.com

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2 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday Joseph Gordon-Levitt”

  1. He went from a cute kid to a handsome young man. Not my first pick for man candy, but he is good looking. Can’t wait to see your pictures.—Rachel

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