Meet Prince Alexander “I’m not the kind of man to kiss and tell…”

Caridad is having a little giveaway and she asked me to pop by and share my gamble on love with you. While I know I look like a bit of a rake in the photo Caridad is sharing with you, let me assure you that I’m not the kind of man to kiss and tell. As a prince and a gentleman, I respect the woman I love, but given that it worked out so well for me, I’d like to hope that you, too, can one day have your happily-ever-after. Not that I thought at first that it I’d have any attraction to Kathleen. From the moment she huffed into my office, full of righteous bluster . . . and twenty minutes late, may I add . . . my one plan was to have my business with her done as as quickly as possible.

God laughs at men who make plans. There was something about her, about her strength and her hesitant beauty, that just ensnared me. I wanted to know why she was so unsure of herself that way and why she hated my guts. That was plainly obvious at that first meeting.

I was not prepared for her dislike on various levels. As a prince, there are those sycophants who will “yes” me to death just because I’m a royal. I detest that since I have always wanted to be judged by what I do and not what I am. Somehow I sensed Kathleen had issues not only with that, but with something far more dangerous. I was determined to show her the man I was, if only to prove her wrong.

Somehow I think we both proved each other wrong and it was a delightful lesson to learn. But as I said, I’m not the kind of man to kiss and tell. Suffice it to say, Kathleen and I found our way to our happily-ever-after. I hope you find your way there as well.

As I mentioned, Caridad is hoping you’ll share your story as well for a chance to win an assortment of prizes. So please drop by and share your gamble on love at the Entangled Publishing Facebook page or leave your story here if you do not use Facebook!

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