Meet Undercover FBI Agent Kathleen Martinez #Giveaway

Caridad is having a little giveaway and she asked me to pop by and share my gamble on love with you.

For starters, I definitely wasn’t looking for love when I went on this assignment. I’ve worked too long and too hard to prove myself as an FBI Agent and getting involved with a possible suspect . . .No way, no how. Especially one of the Ivanovs. I’d had a run-in with that family before and they were not high on my list of people to like.

And then I met the prince. . .big sigh. From the first moment I walked into his office, he was full of male arrogance and yet as the day wore on I realized Alexander was so not like I thought he’d be. Of course, that could have been a big act to throw me off during the investigation, but as we were thrown together on the assignment I realized I might have been totally wrong.

Of course, that didn’t make things easy for me. Not for the assignment and not for me on a personal level. As a prince, Alexander was used to the kind of woman I could never be. The pretty-in-pink, all dolled-up princess kind of woman. So not me. I was more comfortable with kick-ass boots and my weapons harness.

Until a fairy godmother, none other than the prince’s younger sister, helped me jump into my role as the prince’s lover. When I saw the woman staring back at me, sleek, glamorous and alluring . . .for a moment I wished I could be that kind of woman. . .hangs her head in shame.

Lucky for me that Alexander didn’t expect me to change for him. He was willing to accept me just as I was, although I could kind of get used to playing the princess role every now and then. Especially since Alexander and I were able to work things out and find our happily-ever-after.

As I mentioned, Caridad is hoping you’ll share your story as well for a chance to win an assortment of prizes. So please drop by and share your gamble on love at the Entangled Publishing Facebook page