It’s Raining Men! #ManCandyMonday

This weekend my family sat down to watch ARGO. Fabulous picture! If you’ve got a chance to see it, do so. Of course, it was move back to a painful past and the ’70s which as we explained to our daughter, were no cup of tea.

Regardless, it’s worth seeing the movie and listening for the fabulous one liners in the film.

And then it was Monday. . .

The start of the work week, but to get you dancing today with some of today’s sexiest men, please click here!

Lots of fun pictures! I figured you needed more than just one piece of Man Candy this morning!

2 thoughts on “It’s Raining Men! #ManCandyMonday”

  1. I went to see Argo with hubby and both of us remembered that time well; the movie is good, Ben Affleck was good. I don’t know how accurate the details were but it must have been harrowing for them.

  2. Now, I know why I’m sitting in front of ‘puter w/ very little clothes on… cuz it’s toooooo haaawt for early Monday morning!!! 😛 😀

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