#ManWars with Kelly and Caridad

It’s official! Today is the first official #ManWars! Come on over to my Fan Page and Kelly’s Fan Page page to offer your comments on our respective candidates and we will pick one winner every week to receive a copy of a backlist book!

You can check out my contribution by clicking here and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of DARKNESS CALLS, the very first book in THE CALLING/REBORN Vampire Novel series. I love Diana and Ryder and hope you will as well, especially since they’ll be back later this year in a whole new series of books from Entangled Publishing! Yeah!

5 thoughts on “#ManWars with Kelly and Caridad”

  1. I have to go in the category with Colleen, no Facebook to comment, but he is most definitely HOT!!! Good choice! I can’t wait for Diana & Ryder’s new books **GRIN**! Thanks for the man candy.

  2. After seeing the first picture I know why I like you, perfect taste. Looks like there is room on his bed for 1 more. —

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