#Interview and #Giveaway at Mad Hatter Reads

Take a moment to visit with me today at Mad Hatter Reads! We have a fun interview up for you today since I’m taking a bit of a break. I’m in the final throes of the edits on the very first book I ever published, namely, my contemporary romance NOW AND ALWAYS. This is the story of a sexy physician, Victor Cienfuegos, who is thrown together with a very determined, yet vulnerable FBI Agent, Connie Gonzalez. It couldn’t be a worse time for them to meet each other as Connie is going undercover to find a serial killer, but you can’t really control when love happens as Connie and Victor soon discover.

The story is set in Miami’s glittering South Beach and it will always be special to me since it was not only my first published release, but the comments from readers about seeing a strong woman as an FBI Agent helped inspire Diana Reyes from THE CALLING/REBORN Vampire novel series.

Here’s what the cover for NOW AND ALWAYS looked like when it was first released. I believe that is John Desalvo on the cover which was very exciting since he was one of the hottest cover models at the time.


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