#ManCandyMonday Paul Rudd

With New Jersey Stronger than the Storm (#STTS) as Memorial Day approaches, I thought it would be nice to pick a fellow Jerseyan this morning for your Man Candy!

Paul was born in Passiac, New Jersey, but raised in Kansas. You’ve seen him in countless movies, from his 1995 appearance in CLUELESS to his latest appearances in THIS IS 40 and PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (fabulous movie by the way!).

There is just something aw shucks, sexy boy-next-door about Paul that is so appealing. I hope you’ll think so, too!


Photo Credit: Author=lukeford.net Creative Commons License Use

4 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday Paul Rudd”

  1. Totally agree, Caridad! I’ve seen him in several movies. And there’s something very attractive about the guy who makes you laugh!

  2. Beautiful, sexy eyes. I never noticed.
    Doesn’t he play the Hulk, too?
    Honestly, I’m not too good with current celebrities, but I think he looks like the guy who plays the Hulk.
    Isn’t there another guy who looks like him? I am HOPELESS with this stuff, but he sure does have nice eyes.

  3. Great choice. Love the eyes. I have not seen his work but then I am not a big movie watcher. I have trouble staying awake no matter how good the movie is. My meds make me drowsy. So I tend to watch shorter shows.

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