So Many Men, So Little Time. . . #ManCandyMonday

I know you may find this hard to believe, but Man Candy Monday is always a tough day for me. Who to choose as one of our sexy men is a tough job. So this week, we’re going to switch it up a little. For a chance to win a REBORN Vampire Novels T-shirt, take a moment to let me know who is on your list of sexy men!

To get you inspired, let me share a little sexy man candy anyway!

Man Candy Monday

7 thoughts on “So Many Men, So Little Time. . . #ManCandyMonday”

    1. I have to agree Sean Connery just has and will always that the voice..that way he looks at a woman that would make me melt…he does age..he just gets better but then maybe that’s cause I’m aging LOL..nah that can’t be it. 😛

  1. Russell Crowe for me too! Love his movies,he is so strong,and not bad to look upon either. 😆

    Here is a list of a few oldies but goodies I enjoyed looking at too: Richard Gere,Mel Gibson,and of course who didn’t love Tom Cruise.

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