NOW AND ALWAYS Release Day Tomorrow!

OMG! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever! Actually, I’ve been waiting nearly 13 years for the chance to re-release NOW AND ALWAYS, my very first book. It will always be special to me because of that and I am so happy you will finally get to read it.

I’m expecting that both the digital and print versions will be on Amazon by tomorrow!

NOW AND ALWAYS was the achievement of a life long dream: To see one of my books get published.

I had been working at it forever. Since the fifth grade actually when I realized I wanted to be a writer. I kept it up through elementary school, high school, college, law school, career tribulations, marriage and having a child.

And it happened. I got the call. A very exciting moment. I will always remember it and this book that started my journey in the publishing world.

I must say that I’ve updated the book and made some changes here and there. Plus it’s very different from my paranormal romances and romantic suspense, hence the Charity Pineiro name on the cover. Charity is my nickname as some of you may know. I wanted to differentiate the very emotional and romantic contemporary romances I’ll be releasing from the dark and edgy Caridad that you know.

Still, I hope you will like this different side of me. But now a blast from the past!

NOW AND ALWAYS was on the cover of RT Magazine when it debuted. Very exciting. It also featured John DiSalvo on the cover, or so I am told. Whoever he is, he is sexy and much like I pictured Victor in the book.


Photo Credit: Romantic Times Magazine/RT Book Reviews

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