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NOW AND ALWAYS, the re-release of my first contemporary romance, is out in both e-book and print. As I mentioned last week, it’s a very special book to me because it’s my first and dedicated to mom, who shaped so much of who I am today.

It’s also special because I wanted to get across a message about discrimination and how it happens in all cultures, in this case, Miami’s melting pot. There is the initial tension between Cuban Connie Gonzalez and Miami-born and bred Paul Stone. With them it’s a clash of cultures and socioeconomics. Paul is wealthy and has had all that he wants in life while Connie has had to struggle for everything.

You’ll find out in the sequel, FAITH IN YOU, that with all that Paul has, he is still a poor man because he lacks love in his life. The love of his family and the love of a very special lady – Carmen Gonzalez, Connie’s younger sister.

But in NOW AND ALWAYS, you’ll also see that even within the Cuban community there is tension between those who have been here since the Sixties and those who came later. Plus there is the class issue as well between sexy and well-off physician Victor and FBI Agent Connie.

Melding with all that is the romance. Hot and sexy and with the tropical feel of Miami’s glittering night life and trendy South Beach environs. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the book and today I’ve got a free read from you that introduces all of the characters I hope you will come to love, including Paul Stone and Carmen from FAITH IN YOU.

FBI Agent Connie Gonzalez actually helped inspire the FBI Agent Diana Reyes from THE CALLING/REBORN Vampire series. After the release of Connie’s book, I had many letters and e-mails saying how refreshing it was to see a female FBI Agent and how they’d love to see more stories with an empowered heroine. Diana Reyes was soon born and I know how much you all like her and those stories.

Without further ado, here is an excerpt from NOW AND ALWAYS. If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read it.

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Now and Always Contemporary #Romance by Caridad Pineiro