I always tell people that I’m so impatient, I couldn’t even wait for the thimble of patience that was being handed out. So, even though I’ve got a big cover reveal planned for July 16th, I could not wait to share an excerpt with you from FAITH IN YOU, the sequel to NOW AND ALWAYS.

I knew even as I was writing NOW AND ALWAYS that Connie’s little sister Carmen had to find someone special to love. I also knew that Connie’s antagonist, FBI Agent Paul Stone, had a lot more going on that made him hero material in a future book. So that’s how FAITH IN YOU was born.

Why July 16th for the cover reveal? Well, Carmen is named after my sister and mom and July 16th is the saint’s day for the Virgin of Carmen, also known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. In Spain and other Latin countries, there are many festivals to celebrate the patron saint of sailors and other mariners.

It seemed fitting to have the reveal on that saint’s day!

So without further ado, here is a free read from FAITH IN YOU, the story of Carmen and FBI Agent Paul Stone.

FAITH IN YOU Contemporary Romance by Caridad Pineiro

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