#ManCandyMonday Chris Pratt

I LOVE CHRIS PRATT!!! I love him on PARKS AND RECREATION as he plays the kind-hearted and totally loveable Andy Dwyer. I thought he was great in MONEYBALL. Still have to see ZERO DARK THIRTY where Chris plays a Navy Seal sent to capture Osama Bin Laden.

Chris is way buff since he is going to play the Star-Lord super hero in next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Way buff! They’ll have a fun time explaining this new look on PARKS AND RECREATION, that’s for sure.

And now, Chris isn’t that full of himself. According to his Instagram message, “his brother made him” post the image. LOL!

Thanks, Chris. Love you even more.

Photo Credit: Chris Pratt at http://instagram.com/prattprattpratt/

2 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday Chris Pratt”

  1. I can’t believe how good he looks. I thought he was cute before. But WOW. And he is funny, I love funny guys. My hubby makes me laugh all the time. Love it.—Rachel

  2. I’m not sure I should admit this, but I don’t know or the movies you mentioned…shows you I don’t go to movies very often!

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