HONOR CALLS #Vampire #Romance Free Read

I loved Michaela Ramirez when she first popped up in HONOR CALLS and I knew I was not done with her story when the novella was finished. I’m happy to say she’ll be back in the books tentatively titled BORN TO SERVE (October 2013) and BORN TO DIE (December 2013).

Why do I say tentatively? Because I’m sure they’ll want to change the titles so they have a little more romance in them. Any way, here’s a little excerpt from HONOR CALLS. This story was available in print in the AWAKENING THE BEAST Anthology and is also available in the British Anthology SUMMER HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE.

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read it!

Honor Calls #Vampire #Romance by Caridad Pineiro

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