Shredded Chicken #Recipe for Tacos & Enchiladas & More!

We’re all pressed for time so finding a recipe that almost cooks itself is always fabulous. Plus, you can use the shredded chicken that you make in an assortment of dishes or vary it a little to create something new.

This recipe slow cooks the chicken in either a slow cooker or rice cooker, but I’ve also made it with a pan on the stovetop using a slow simmer. It’s just easier in the slow/rice cooker since you don’t have to mind it as much.

Shredded Chicken

2 to 4 chicken breasts (one per person)
1 16 oz bottle salsa
1 can ROTEL tomatoes & chiles

Slice chicken breasts in half length-wise. Place 16oz bottle of salsa in slow/rice cooker or pot. Add chicken and mix. Simmer/cook for two hours.

Remove chicken from salsa and using two forks, shred the chicken. Reduce the sauce in the slow/rice cooker or pot in half. Drain the can of ROTEL tomatoes and chiles and add to sauce. Return chicken to salsa/Rotel mixture and cook a little more.

You can use the shredded chicken to fill your hard or soft tacos or flour tortillas. Use on top of salad for a taco salad variation.

Change up the recipe by substituting your favorite BBQ sauce (mine is Sweet Baby Ray’s) for the salsa. You can make a pulled chicken sandwich by making that change!

Hope you liked today’s Cook’s Treat!