The Boys of Summer Please Stay!

Yesterday had that feel of fall about it. I wanted to dig my fingers into summer and hug it tight ’cause I so don’t want to see it go.

I guess that’s what had this song on my mind, so much so I had to go download it! Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the original video with Don Henley, although I was able to track this one down for you!

So I’m going to hold onto the image of me driving down Ocean Avenue, my top down and my Wayfarers on for just a little longer. . .

You can click here to see the Boys of Summer video! And CRANK UP THE MUSIC!

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Boys of Summer Please Stay!”

  1. No summer is not almost over, I won’t let it happen…I’m going to scream, cry, beg or hibernate if this happens already!

  2. I really have to agree! Summer is passing by way too fast. I’ve even seen Halloween decorations in the stores already. We have been pretty rainy around here lately which has cut short some of the summer outings. Have a great weekend my friend!!!

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