Milestone Celebrations! Oreo Cookie Cheesecake for my 8000th Tweet

It’s the unofficial end of the summer with Labor Day here. A milestone and a sad one for summer lovers like me. Granted, there are still a few weeks until the real end of summer, but after Labor Day the beaches are emptier and the kids are back to school so it definitely feels like the end of summer.

There are other milestones that I’m just starting to realize. Over 1500 blog posts with you guys! Thanks to all of you who have been with me along that journey.

I’m also nearing my 8000th tweet. EIGHT THOUSAND! How did that happen? Of course, milestones deserve celebration and since my “lifestyle change” (and a loss of 42 pounds) there is one thing that I’m truly craving. Well, maybe a few things, but like Julia Child said, “Moderation in all things, even moderation.”

So, a little slice of a classic Oreo Cookie Cheesecake is my moderate celebration of the 8000 tweet milestone I will soon hit.

I’d offer you up a slice if I could, but instead, you can click here to get the recipe for this tasty treat!

2 thoughts on “Milestone Celebrations! Oreo Cookie Cheesecake for my 8000th Tweet”

  1. Big, big, big congratulations; you deserve much more and yet…42 pds? Awesome and only one piece of cake.
    I instead have gained and I won’t tell you how much.

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