#ManCandyMonday Paul Stone

Today’s Man Candy is fictional for a change of pace. It’s FBI Agent Paul Stone from NOW AND ALWAYS and FAITH IN YOU.

When Paul first came to life on the page, I knew he was going to be an antagonist to Connie not only as a way to show her determination to get the Miami assignment, but also her desire to be the best agent in her class and on the job.

But I love redeeming characters and as the story developed, I knew there was a lot more to Paul than what we saw at the beginning of the book. I loved showing more of his change in NOW AND ALWAYS and then more fully exploring why he was the way he was in FAITH IN YOU.

Of course, I also loved bringing him together with Carmen who would not only allow Paul to dream, but would show him that having faith in each other and in love could finally bring him the happily-ever-after he craved with her and with his not-so-loving family.

Anyway, here’s how I pictured Paul and Carmen and I just love Paul’s All American boy-next-door looks!

I’m also happy to say that you can now get the South Beach Sizzles Boxed Set at a special price of only 3.99 for both books!

Look for more books in the South Beach Sizzles Collection in January 2014 with TORI GOT LUCKY and in March with THE THIRTY YEAR ITCH.

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  1. I love these characters. Paul and Carmen are great together. I would recommend everyone read this series. They will love it. —Rachel

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