Counting down the minutes until the release on Monday of FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE! OMG! Plus, we’ve got some special pricing for you on THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE right now through October 5. It’s only .99 if you haven’t had a chance to read Prince Alexander’s story!

But back to vampires . . . so love them, although the heroine in FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE is something very different: She’s a goddess. The Goddess of Vengeance actually which means her role in life is to take names and kick ass. Until she meets the hero, of course, and realizes that there is a vast difference between justice and vengeance.

Today’s song is one that I always connect with my otherwordly creatures for sure! If you can’t see the video below, you can click here to watch Evenascence and BRING ME TO LIFE.

2 thoughts on “#Vampire Playlist FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE”

  1. I was sitting at the kitchen table listening to the music when my son Evanescence, good song; then started to tell me other songs by this group and one that is sung during a movie! I didn’t know we had music in common! Haha!

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