Taking Care of Your Hands

We’ve been having recipes on Tuesdays, but I thought I’d change it up a bit today and offer up some tips for caring for your hands. Funny considering I’m not normally the pampering and beauty type, but these few things are easy to do and will help keep your hands looking lovely.

1. Moisturize. Especially in colder or dry weather, it’s important to moisturize your skin with both lotion and proper hydration from inside. Drinking the right amount of water is important for keeping your skin from being dry. Another quick hint: Use whatever cream you use on your face on the backs of your hands.

2. Scrub. It’s good to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. If you don’t want to buy an expensive scrub, use a mix of one teaspoon olive oil and one teaspoon sugar once a week to scrub away dead skin cells.

3. Base coat. If you polish your nails, make sure to use a base coat. It’ll keep the polish from staining your nails and will also help the polish last longer.

4. Wash Carefully. But make sure you use lukewarm water on your hands. Too hot or too cold could damage your skin.

5. Protect. I’m notoriously bad about this! If you’re gardening or painting or doing anything else that will rough up your hands, protect them with gloves to avoid damage to your skin and nails.