TO LOVE AND SERVE #Free Read & Behind the Scenes

As you can imagine, it’s a crazy year for me with back-to-back releases of THE CALLING/REBORN vampire novel series coming out every month through December.

The October 28th release is TO LOVE AND SERVE and it’s a very special book for me. For many years I’ve been wanting to take this series in a different direction and I’ve finally been able to do that with these upcoming books.

What does that mean? Well, you’ll see lots of familiar vampires and humans from over the years who will form a core group that Diana and Ryder can rely on. Many of you have asked if we’ll see more of Helene and Miguel from FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE and the answer is: YES. Not in the next three books, but I’m currently working on a novella for two new characters and plotting future books and I can tell you that Helene and Miguel will be back.

You’ll see lots more of Diana and Ryder in the next three books and the wild ride that is going to happen in their lives. It’s exciting, dangerous, emotional, loving and so much more. It’s all I’ve ever wanted for them since they came to life in DARKNESS CALLS and faced death in DEATH CALLS.

For those of you who are new to the series, don’t worry. These books will be standalone, but you’ll get to meet some interesting characters and I hope you’ll want to go back and read their stories.

What else is coming in these books? Well, more about my favorite city, New York. You’ll get to visit some fabulous locations, like Central Park, the old City Hall subway stop, and the trolley station near the Williamsburg Bridge. In future books, I’m going to add even more of the locations that I love, like Bryant Park and the lesser known areas of Grand Central Terminal.

I snapped some photos of them for you this morning! I love the morning in New York City. It’s alive and yet peaceful as well. There are some interesting areas all over, but especially in Grand Central Terminal. One of these is a shot of the Northwest Passage where you can walk for blocks below ground. Another is of the passage that leads down to what is now a food court and the Oyster Bar restaurant. If you stand in opposite corners under the vaulted ceiling, face the walls and whisper, the person across from you can hear you because of the acoustics.

There will be lots more fun NYC things in future books as well as lots of action, suspense, emotion and of course, love and romance.

I hope you’ll enjoy taking this ride with me!

If you can’t see the photos below, you can click here!

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