#ManCandyMonday Mike Matheny #WorldSeries #Baseball

My Mets are out of it and normally I root for the National League team, but I just can’t this year. Sorry guys, but I want the Red Sox to win.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from appreciating sexy Mike Matheny, former Cardinals catcher, now the manager of the team. He is the youngest manager in baseball and led the Cardinals to the post-season in both his years as the manager.

Mike is no slouch as a catcher with 4 Golden Gloves and is one of only three catchers to go 100 games without committing an error.

Not an easy position to play between having to know the pitcher’s strengths and hitters weaknesses. Plus, hard on the body. I played catcher for my high school softball team and it was rough. Way rough. That’s why I switched to tennis in my junior year. LOL! Still love playing, though, so if anyone is up for a pick-up game, let me know!

Mike Matheny MLB Baseball Cardinals

Photo Credit: Johnmaxmena2@en.wikipedia.com

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