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So much going on today, but first . . .

One of the reasons for choosing New York City as the location for THE REBORN (formerly THE CALLING) series was to share a city that I love and that I’ve spent so much time exploring! There are so many amazing things to see and of course, sometimes odd or unique things. When you’re rushing to work, you sometimes don’t stop to smell the roses, but this morning I did and snapped off some photos of some of the things I pass and which have caught me eye.

The top photo is of a plaque located in the side of what is now the HSBC Building right across from the library. It commemorates that this was originally the spot of the Wendel family home. It’s easy to forget that many of the smaller buildings along Fifth Avenue and elsewhere in Midtown were once residences where people lived.

The next three shots are of Library Way which runs from Fifth Avenue to Park Avenue along 41st and right in front of the main NYC Research Library on Fifth. Yep, the one with the big lions, Constance and Fortitude, in the front.

There are plaques every couple of feet with quotes about reading, writing and literature along both sides of the street.

I’ll be sharing lots more on some of my interesting and favorite NYC spots, but also about locations that you’ll be seeing in THE REBORN vampire novel books. Places like Central Park which looks all lovely and gleaming like in this photo that I took of the Turtle Pond, but which becomes a quite scarier place when you’re either tracking down a rogue slayer, vampire or shifter like in the upcoming books in the series.

Central Park Turtle Pond

And now for what else is up! BLOG TOUR!! Yep, come and find out more and share your thoughts on the various blogs I’ll be visiting to celebrate the release of TO LOVE AND SERVE, Diana and Ryder’s first story in THE REBORN series.

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