Fridge Cleaning #Recipes

Everyone has that moment. They have no clue what to make. The fridge is either filled with stuff or half-empty and the brain just isn’t putting together any kind of items for that day’s meal.

Here are some sites that I hope will help you in one of those challenging moments. We call them Fridge Cleaning moments in our house ’cause we just want to empty whatever is in there and make it before it goes bad.

These sites let you plug in your ingredients and provide a list of recipes for things you can make with those ingredients.

If you prefer hard copy versions of recipes, here are some recipe books that I would highly recommend be keepers in your cooking library to help you with your daily meals.

Hope this helps you solve your meal planning dilemma!

3 thoughts on “Fridge Cleaning #Recipes”

  1. First let me tell you I love your man candy pick. Second, thank you for all the great recipe sites. I love finding new recipes and getting new ideas.—Rachel

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