Sharing some Christmas Pictures of #NYC & #Giveaway

So sorry to miss you yesterday, but we had a hack attack on one of the sites that took them all down. Big sigh. . .

Why do people do stuff like that?

Anyway, we had our annual day in NYC and also, our day of getting our Christmas tree. It was an adventure since the snow was falling fast in the morning. We easily had 4 to 5 inches within the space of about 2 hours, but then it luckily held up a bit. Still, it made the Christmas tree fields look lovely.


We were all bundled up as we headed out, found our tree and then rushed home so we could then go into New York City for our annual visit. Lots of fun as we walked around, saw the windows and visited some of favorite places, like the reading room of the NYC Public Library on 42nd Street.


We had a wonderful meal at The Smith right across from Lincoln Center. Hubby later discovered that one of the waiters there had been given one of those amazing Tips of Jesus tips a few days earlier.

After that, we rushed across to watch the Nutcracker and then headed home to go to work the next day. Whew! A whirlwind.

Here’s a picture of Lincoln Center at night! Lovely place.

You can click here to see more pictures!

One fun thing I have to share with you is the picture down below from the public library. Before the library was there, the Murray Hill Reservoir was on this spot. It was a 4 acre man-made lake that provided water to the residents of NYC. It was also a place for people to meet and promenade along the tops of the walls.

Murray Hill (Croton) Reservoir
Murray Hill (Croton) Reservoir

There are spots in the library where you can still see the remnants of this reservoir. Look carefully toward the bottom of the photo for the big grey stones that were part of the reservoir’s foundation!

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